Fibra Óptica para Profesionales



Fibercom collaborates with the Photonic Technologies Group (GTF) from its first researching steps.

The GTF is part of the Engineering Research Institute of Aragon, I3A, University of Zaragoza. This is one of the Optics and Photonics R&D leaders groups in Spain.



Aragon Photonics Labs was born from the R & D projects developed by GTF , which is a company member of Fibercom business group and undertakes all the R & D works of the business group activity.


Fibercom takes part at the consortium of companies involved in the POLUX project, bringing its capacity to develop solutions in the fields of telecommunications and sensing.

The Polux project was born from the union of the AIDO Technology Institute, CD6-UPC Centre and three companies: Fibercom, Ilimit and Snelloptics.

The goal is to save energy and optimize urban road lighting service. To reach this goal is necessary an objective tool that helps us to know which is the optimum quantity and quality of light needed at every point of our cities and highways.

The tool is a photometric mobile device capable of measuring the full scene lighting.


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