Fibra Óptica para Profesionales

About us

our company
Fibercom is a company specialized in fiber optic over 20 years of experience.

The main office is in Zaragoza and has office in Barcelona and Madrid.

The profile of the company is highly technical and is especially focused on the following activities: consulting, engineering and network definition, supply, design and manufacture of optical components, performance and technical management of infrastructure, measurement and certification of materials and networks, repair and maintenance, and specialized training.
We know deep industry and specialize in fiber optic networks identified by their type fibers and cables, and the choice of connectors and distributors optimal for proper system functionality.
Our company supplies all passive optical components, and products and equipment from renowned international brands such as Sumitomo, Noyes, Ripley, Miller, Draka, among others. We also have own factory in Zaragoza fully qualified to perform repairs and maintenance, preventive and corrective.
Fibercom has an important educational activity, is increasingly important educational activities aimed at installers and users and to manufacturers and other service companies.

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